Public domain source code for fast fourier transforms and/or spectral analysis...

Sean Eddy eddy at wol.wustl.edu
Thu Jun 12 19:20:27 EST 1997

In article <5ngpce$r58 at rc1.vub.ac.be> plebrun at fysp1.vub.ac.be (Philippe Lebrun) writes:
  >> I am looking for some public domain source code for performing fast
  >> fourier transforms and/or spectral analysis for a medical application.
  >> A pointer to a software library would be very much appreciated.

  >Try "Numerical Recipes in [C Pascal Fortan ...]" by Press, Flannery,Teukolsky,
  >and Vetterling  Cambridge University Press.
  >All you need, and quite well explained.

Except that Numerical Recipes source code is emphatically *not* in the
public domain.

Try NETLIB (http://netlib2.cs.utk.edu/) for public domain Fortran
implementations of numerical code, including FFTs.


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