Loading MRI & CT scans onto a SGI

Marco Hoeksma nospam-m.r.hoeksma at far.ruu.nl
Fri Jun 13 03:18:23 EST 1997

On Thu, 12 Jun 1997 17:22:00 -0400, John <jjance at bellsouth.net> wrote:

>Quote>BBC wrote:
>Quote>> I am trying to find a way of loading scan data onto an SGI machine for
>Quote>> volume rendering.  The data is obtained from both MRI & CT scanners, mainly
>Quote>> Siemens & General Electric, from various hospitals.  The SGI is an Indigo2
>Quote>> High Impact R10,000 in a fairly isolated environment, where FTP or ISDN
>Quote>> probably won't be practical.
>Quote>> Ideally I would like to able to hook up a magneto-optical drive to the SGI
>Quote>> which would read the mo disks.  However, nobody I have spoken to seems to
>Quote>> be able to know of such a device.  It seems likely that a Pioneer SH7101 or
>Quote>> SH9101 will load Siemens data on a Sun Sparc workstation, which might be an
>Quote>> option if I can get access to a Sun, but it seems unlikely that these
>Quote>> drives will talk to a SGI.
>Quote>> Does anybody know of any solutions to this problem ?
>Quote>I don't know the whole answer but the images would have to be DICOM

I don't think the image format has anything to do with being able to
read the images or not. You only need a MO drive that can talk to your
Indigo. As far as I know, you have one external SCSI-2 connector on
your Indigo to which you can connect your MO. Ask SGI for a list of
drives that are compatible with your system. DICOM is the file format,
it is not critical for reading /writing the MO. You should check what
filesystem is used when the disk is written however.


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