Axoscope won't use free IRQ

Steve Glaum SRG358 at anima.nums.nwu.edu
Mon Jun 9 13:32:06 EST 1997

This was freed, but still doesn't work.

Sherif Safwatt <nilco at iec.egnet.net> wrote in article
<33988FE3.7721 at iec.egnet.net>...
> Dear Dr.Steve ;
> IRQ 15 is used by IDE2 on motherboard to work with it you may disable
> secondry IDE option from the motherboard setup utility or setup software
> , but be sure that you do not have any other divice use IRQ 15 like
> CD-drive connected to secondary IDE .........
> =======================================================================
> Yours :
> Sherif Safwat
> Biophysist

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