JAVA applet for presentation of information about genetic networks

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Fri Jun 6 05:08:31 EST 1997


The essential progress in study of the molecular mechanisms
of organisms individual development results in discovery of
a hundreds genes, which sole function consist in the control
and regulation of other genes activity. These genes comprise
 so called "genetic networks". 

As the genes networks consist of tens of genes involved in
complex regulatory interactions it is necessary to develop a
special tools for their graphical presentation. 

We develop Java applet for graphical presentation of information on 
gap genetic network in fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster.

Our program
represents genes as  rectangles. The interacting genes are connected
by arrows. Clicking on gene leads to its activation and bringing out
its relations with other genes. Red arrows connect gene with upstream
genes of network, blue arrows - with downstream genes. Filled and hollow
arrows reflect the
mode of gene action - activation and repression correspondingly.

 It  is possible to drag genes for better visualization of links
between them. 

In parallel to emphasizing the links clicking on gene activates the
appearance of
lists of upstream and downstream genes in pop-up menu windows. These
genes are linked
to GeNet database
(http://www.csa.ru/Inst/gorb_dep/inbios/genet/genet.htm) entries, 
containing the information about them. Thus the selection of the gene
from the menu
calls out the information about it.

Special filters permit selective visualization of the interaction of
genes controlling
different parts of the embryo body.

The applet source code is available.

We highly appreciate any suggestions and comments.

                    Maria Samsonova
                    Bioinformation Systems Laboratory
                    Institute of High-Performance Computing
                    and Databases
                    St.Petersburg, Russia
                    e-mail samson at fn.csa.ru

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