Searching DNA Seq. for promoter elements, binding sites, etc.?

Bradley T. Smith btsmith at mit.edu
Thu Jun 5 15:15:34 EST 1997


As my subject line indictaes, I am interested in any advice or information
concerning the searching of DNA sequences for various motifs such as
protein binding sites, promoter elements, etc.

I am hoping that there is some sort of software package that uses a large
database of such motifs to scan query sequences.

I have heard of something called "Motif" which may or may not be what I am
looking for.  Although, I think that it may be a a part of GCG, which I'd
like to avoid if at all possible.  However, if that is my only choice,
I'll just have to grin and bear it!

Thank you, in advance, for you help...

-Bradley T. Smith
 btsmith at mit.edu
 M.I.T. Biology Department - Walker Laboratory

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