Entrez browser helper tool

Lars Thomsen lthomsen at interlynx.net
Tue Jun 3 23:59:02 EST 1997

When I have downloaded from the Entrez browser most of my programs does
not display the full filename and that is a pain. Another thing that was
irritating was whenever I had to paste my sequences into e.g. the FASTA
search form.

I therefore made a file utility that finds all sequence formats
downloaded from the Entrez browser and sorts them into different lists
by fileformat. The first line of the file format is displayed for each
imported sequence (works pretty good, because all the important info is
in this line) and then you can copy the list or selected items from it
to the clipboard just by pressing a button.

The program have several other features and it saves me a lot of time.

You can get the program for free if you mail me or maybe you have some
server space where it can reside...I have only 15 MB and that is already
filled up with my patch clamp analysis program PREADER

Lars Thomsen, MSc PhD
115 South Oval, Hamilton, L8S1R2 Ontario, Canada
tlp +1 905 777 0720 fax +1 905 777 0738
email lthomsen at interlynx.net
homepage http://home.interlynx.net/~lthomsen

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