Freeware for kinetic data analysis

Petr Kuzmic pkuzmic at biokin.com
Tue Jun 3 03:59:31 EST 1997

Program DYNAFIT for statistical analysis of biochemical
kinetic data (enzymology, receptor-ligand interactions)
was updated to ver. 2.16.  It is a freeware, reviewed this
week in a Software Alert column in


The program runs under DOS, Win95(DOS box), MacOS7.5(PowerMac), 
SGI, DEC Alpha, and IBM-RISC/System-6000.  To quote the 
reviewer from the Software Alert,  "If you do any kind of kinetic 
data analysis as part of your research program, be sure to 
download DynaFit from the BioKin Web site"


See also the original report in Anal. Biochem. 237, 260-273 (1996).

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