PC/Gene for UNIX

Brian Fristensky frist at cc.umanitoba.ca
Mon Jun 2 16:25:25 EST 1997

Berke, Tamas wrote:
> Hello Everibody:
> I use PC/Gene 6.85 for basic sequence manipulation on PC. I am going to
> switch to UNIX environment soon. Is there a UNIX version of PC/Gene
> (UNIX/Gene ;-)? Or what would be closest equivalent of PC/Gene for UNIX?
> Thanks.
> Tamas Berke
> Norfolk, VA

Depending on your budget, the GCG package is probably the
best commercial package. See


It you have a small or nonexistant budget, but have some 
knowledge of programming,  you can put together a comprehensive
package using publicly available programs. That's exactly what
I've done on our Sun Unix system. See the BIRCH Web site at

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