New program to reconstruct evolution

Daniel Barker sokal at holyrood.ed.ac.uk
Wed Jul 30 11:48:51 EST 1997

LVB 1.0: reconstructing evolution with parsimony and simulated annealing

This new program seeks parsimonious classification trees using simulated
annealing. This is generally better than hill-climbing (steepest descent) 
optimization for large data matrices (e.g. over 50 objects). 

The program and manual are both entirely free and can be ordered from:


At the moment, the program is only distributed as C source code, to be
compiled by the user for any platform.

A Power Macintosh executable will be added to the Web page in the next few
weeks. Anyone who would like a Windows 95 executable to be made available
should contact me. I will try to arrange this if there is enough demand. 

Full support is currently available. Please e-mail me with any questions,
problems or suggestions. 

Daniel Barker,
Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology,
University of Edinburgh,
Daniel Rutherford Building,
King's Buildings,
Mayfield Road,

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