REQ: PC software to extract sequences from SWISSPROT database in fasta format

Phillip Robinson phrobins at mail.usyd.edu.au
Wed Jul 30 00:50:15 EST 1997

Is there a program that runs on a Windows-based PC that can search the
swissprot database and extract a sequence into an ascii file?  Using
either the accession number, name, or part of the sequence.

I have the protein database in fasta format (29MB) on my PC and
searching it manually with only text editors is quite tedious, to say
the least.  When I am not connected to the net, the capability to search
my own copy would be invaluable.

I have tried AnTheProt, and it is great for many things, but I cannot
get it to extract any sequences from the database.

Wishing even further.  Is there a PC-based program that will allow
regular expression searching of the above database?  With output
including accession number, name and at least the matching sequence (or
a few additional flanking amino acids)?  I have seen several such
programs available for UNIX-based machines, but I have no idea how to
adapt one to my PC.

Children's Medical Research Institute, Sydney, Australia
phrobins at mail.usyd.edu.au

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