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In article <5rdeu2$noo$1 at gwdu19.gwdg.de>, amuelle3 at gwdu19.gwdg.de (Arne Mueller ) writes:
|> Alexander Garcia Castro (agarcia at ACCEFYN.ORG.CO) wrote:
|> : Wich would be a good and deep definition of bioinformatics?
|> : Does bioinformatics goes beyond programing? or designing databases?
|> : Wich is the primary goal of bioinformatics?

Why not search the WWW for ``definition bioinformatics what''...
Some nice sample pages trying to give can answer are
(The last item is a sales plug, I'm keen to get feedback :-)

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|> Hello,
|> Maybe it's the processing of biological data and the filtering of
|> information of these data - to get knowledge (perhaps).
|> I think bioinformatics is a wide field of science, remember all these
|> databases and programms. Is the protein folding problem and prediction 
|> bioinfotics, too? Yesss, I think so! On the other hand it's not everything
|> concerning computers and biology (writing a paper in MS-Word is not 
|> bioinfotis ;-) ...). Hm, I'm sorry, I've no short definition of bioinfotics
|> for you.
|> 	still working on it,
|> 	Arne

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