Molecular Modelling software?

Donald D. Bustamante dbustama at psl.nmsu.edu
Mon Jul 28 14:23:45 EST 1997

Thomas Davie wrote:
> It's pretty simple. I work in a Pharmacology department, and my life would be
> immesurably easier if I had access to some sort of moelcular modelling
> program. Occasionally I design drugs, and occasionally do drug/protein
> interaction studies. But, my boss won't spring the major dollars for a
> modelling program. Understandable really.
> Now, if there is a share/freeware modelling program out there that will alow
> me to construct/piece together molecules from individual atoms (it would be
> nice if I could rotate them as well, but I'm not expecting this from
> share/freeware) that would be fantastic. I'm pretty sure I could then convince
> my boss of the utility of a commercial purchase.
> If anyone has any info/programs, please email me or respond publicly.
> Thank You
> Thomas Davie
> Dept. of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
> Univ of Manitoba
> tdavie at escape.ca

The National Biotechnology Information Facility maintains a list of
software that may be of interest to you.


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