Promotor analysis software

Andrei Kirillov andreyk at cc.huji.ac.il
Sun Jul 27 03:01:05 EST 1997

shussain wrote:
> Dear netters. I am looking for a website to analyse promotor DNA sequence
> for possible transcription factors binding sites. NCBI and NIH do not
> provide any resources regarding this issue. I appreciate any help in this
> matter.

1) SIGSCAN Version 4.05 suite of programs developed by Dr.Dan
Prestridge    work with TRANSFAC and TFD databases
2) TESS - software for locating transcription factor binding sites
   in DNA sequence.(uses TRANSFAC Database )
3) Home of TRANSFAC - The Transcription Factor Database
   and set of programs to search for TF binding sites in DNA seq.

I'd restrain from advising which site is better/easier to use,
just be determined and prepared to spent half a day experimenting with
software options using some DNA stretch with known TF binding sites.
I personally got quite a bit of ridiculous results attempting to use
this promising services, same try for output presentation - 
lots of reference links, but sometimes no DNA-binding site alignments.

You can use TRANSFAC database with the GCG software (if available) - 
feel free to contact people at  http://transfac.gbf-braunschweig.de/
and your system manager for database installation.
MatInspector Version 2.1 available for UNIX, DOS, Mac, Win95/NT - 
check at the same place.

Good luck, Andrei.

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