Optimization software for HPLC with ELSD detector

Van Geldre Els Els.VanGeldre at rug.ac.be
Thu Jul 24 16:17:12 EST 1997


Maybe someone out there can help me, because I'm running out of ideas. 
This is my problem : I'm trying to develop a HPLC with ELSD procedure to 
quantify mannitol in allergic (? allergènes in French) drugs. My biggest 
problem for the moment is a very very instable base-line (one can hardly 
speek of a base-line in this case). Several parameters can be changed in 
order to avoid this, but all these parameters are in correlation with 
eachother. Someone in the lab suggested me to try the method of Simplex 
and the aid of optimization software in order to get quickly good 
results. What do you think ? Do you know where I can get such software ? 
You would really help me a lot, because my boss needs the results as soon 
as possible.

Thank you very much for your attention and kind help.
Els Van Geldre
E-mail : Els.VanGeldre at rug.ac.be

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