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Francis Ouellette francis at BORDUAS.NLM.NIH.GOV
Sun Jul 20 13:24:05 EST 1997

> From gt3110a at prism.gatech.edu Sun Jul 20 13:39:26 1997
> Is there any software available for PC that does the same thing as
> BLASTN, but using local database (sequence files on hard drive)? 
> Thanks.

FASTA will probably do the trick for you ... It's available

Organiz.: University of Virginia / USA
Address : uvaarpa.virginia.edu (
Programs: Name=FASTA; Desc=database search program; OS=UNIX,
          DOS and McIntosh; Directory= /pub/fasta
Contact : William Pearson; wrp at virginia.edu

(the above lines taken from Amos Bairoch's serv_ftp.txt
available from the Expasy www server at

We plan to have a NT version of blast in the near future, but
we are still in development and testing.



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