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Herbert M Sauro HSauro at fssc.demon.co.uk
Wed Jul 16 16:49:57 EST 1997

Nothing to do this summer (or winter down under)? Then why not have a go
at playing around with Ilya.

ANNOUNCEMENT Ilya - A program for simulating and visualising the
emergence of organised structure in a reaction-diffusion system based on
the Brusselator reaction scheme.

Ilya is a Windows 95 program and is freely available from:


or by hyperlink at


The hyperlink also displays some examples of output from Ilya for those
who do not have access to Win 95.

Ilya requires a reasonably fast machine (Pent 133Mhz) and a decent video
card which must run at 256 or more colours. To install Ilya, just run
the Ilya.exe.

The following is extracted from the readme file:

What does it do?

Ilya simulates a reaction-diffusion system based on the Brusselator
reaction scheme. The program will only run under Windows 95 and requires
the video mode to be working in at least 256 colour mode. A fast
processor such as a Pentium 133MHz and good video card is recommended.
The program solves as fast as possible the partial differential
equations for the reaction-diffusion system. As the numerical solution
unfolds the program also displays using a customised colour palette the
state of the system. In this way the development of the organised
spatio-temporal behaviour of the system can be visually studied - and in
real-time given a suitably fast machine. The program allows you to
control the parameters of the system, and 'paint' your initial
conditions on to the field and save nice looking images to show to your
girlfriend/wife/dog etc.

Who is it for?

Anybody whose is interested in self-organisating systems or who
just likes colourful and pretty pictures on their computer screen.

Does it cost anything? (no)

Ilya is freely available for educational, private study and
research purposes. Any commerical use is strictly prohibited without
prior permission from the author. Any images derived from the program
that are used in publications etc. should acknowledge the use of Ilya.

Have fun

Herbert M Sauro
Herbert M Sauro
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