readseq in C++/Java - comments?

Ewan Birney birney at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Jul 16 05:13:28 EST 1997

Don Gilbert wrote:

 <SNIP should the program be in C/C++/Java> ?

Just my $0.02....

For a program like readseq I dont see a great *need*
to be in C++: C++ is only really needed when you are
maintaining enough code for you want to be able to 
completely get anal about the fact that any object can
manipulate any other object without worrying about
memory etc...

I guess... I think that there is little to be gained
by moving readseq to a C++ mode: I suspect the maintance
would be similar but you would lose at least some people
who have not installed gcc/installed the suitable libaries 

THe Java/C question is more interesting. I do think java
is a cute language and that it does show promise. Readseq
is an absolutely necessary compentware to any "bioinformatics"
project, and so... it would be great to see a java readseq.


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