readseq in C++/Java - comments?

plxsrt at pln1.nott.ac.uk plxsrt at pln1.nott.ac.uk
Wed Jul 16 15:00:37 EST 1997

I think the Readseq program has been useful to an large number of end
users rather than just a few admin/programmer types.  I'm sure any
improvements to make it easier to use would be welcomed.    

Some improvements could be made relatively simply.  I think the
versions of the program I have used (command line unix/dos) did suffer
from a few interface problems  that throw people new to the program
e.g. not telling when conversion has been completed, asking for output
file before input etc.  etc.   Although you get used to this a good
proportion of new users get lost along the way.

Simon T

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