Heart software model

jandre at serv.peb.ufrj.br jandre at serv.peb.ufrj.br
Tue Jul 15 08:19:06 EST 1997

In article <33BC6568.6411 at netspace.net.au>, Andrew says...


>Has anyone heard of a program that models the electrical acivity of the
>heart, out-putting in 4 dimensions (3 for direction, one for strength of
>signal) over time?  (I guess that's 5 dimensions overall).

Yes, I have. I guess that there is a software like that in the place I work. I
will ask you to write Dr. David Martin Simpson (david at serv.peb.ufrj.br) and ask
him. I remember that there was a vectorcardiogram (that's the name of it!)
simulator. Otherwise I'm trying to have a look at it myself.

>Please email me if you have any advice, or know where I should look:

I will.

>	adyall at netspace.net.au

You're welcome.

Frederico C Jandre
Biomedical Engineering Program
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

PS.: Take a look at sci.engr.biomedical. I have post a help request there.

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