Preader version 1.9 r4 is here (freeware)

Lars Thomsen lthomsen at interlynx.net
Mon Jul 14 04:23:27 EST 1997

Preader homepage :
(mail me to get the download page to the 8.7 MB zipped setup file)
Win95 program.

Preader is freeware and used to measure, analyze and store and cross
analyze data from physiological experiments - mainly wholecell
experiments, but the database part is independent and includes a wealth
of utilities
which is extremely useful for any phys or molbiol lab.

The program has been split in two separate execute files :
Preader and Pbase

We are working on an advanced non-linear curvefitting model that will
improve the kinetic information that can be obtained from a whole cell
current. The algorithm will search through the whole cell current and
break it into pieces and then extract the rate constants describing
kinetic scheme :

Closed <---> Open <---> Desensitized

The Interactive Explorer is a high tech help file that gives you the
settings of your program and explains them. It also includes various
help features which includes theory for common physiological terms,
molecular biology, constants, equations, cells + much more

Preader have been broken up and the newest branch is called Pbase and it

covers the database part and it includes following tables :
Chemicals : Name,Formula,MW,Solvent,Solubility,PKa(if acid or base),
+ more

Solutions : Recipe database that creates excellent recipies and
Automatic lookup in chemical database

Agonist/Antagonist : Name, effect, chemicalstructure (path to picture),
interactionchart (path to picture), ChemIndex (lookup ID to chemical
database), References (list of references), EC50, IC50, Ka, Occupancy,
pD2,pA2, Kb, pKb, shieldSlope

Other tables included :
Phys data
PCR setup
RT setup
Taq setup
PCR data
Reference Groups

Best Regards
Lars Thomsen MSc. PhD.
McMaster University
thomsenl at fhs.mcmaster.ca
or direct to the cottage
lthomsen at interlynx.net

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