Andrey Kirillov andreyk at cc.huji.ac.il
Sun Jul 13 21:51:21 EST 1997

Dennis Nilsson wrote:
> Please help me i need a program wisch can read or convert Mac-files on a
> pc!!!

MacSEE  for DOS and Windows 
 read/write 3.5" 1.44/2.88 Mb Mac disks, CD-ROMs, and Macintosh
 hard drives (e.g. SyQuest and Bernoulli removables).
 MacSEE can NOT read low density 800K Mac disks.
MacSEE v2.2 - register for $35.00 
	Transfer any file size and you can keep MacSEE v2.2 for free!
	Only two modes - MacBin or Data transfer.
MacSEE v4.3 retails for $79.95 US 
	Added: MacPaint/PCX, BinHex and Text transfer mode.
	Demo versions restrictions:
	* Transfer of files is limited to 16K
	* No formatting
	* The Resource Inspector will display resources in a Mac file,
	  but won't extract them 
Produced by:
        P.O. Box 1884
        Clemson, SC  29633
        (803) 654-7378
        (803) 654-8130 FAX
        CIS: 71521,2200
        Internet: reevesoft at delphi.com

To download look for MACSEE at the http://www.shareware.com

BTW,  Mac can write/read PC diskettes and some Mac/PC programs can save 
      files in formats directly readable by the other platform.

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