Fungi Identification & Recording

Lloyd Watson lwatson at clara.net
Thu Jul 10 11:30:12 EST 1997

I have written a Fungi Identification programme, which covers all the higher
Fungi of the UK.
It is a relational database using English to Maths related tables the core
programme is Microsoft Access, 
I use Access 97 but I can create the programme for all the previous versions. In
summary these are the programme features
1. Species Identification using queries pre or self designed.
2. Species Identification using Keys, based on Mosers book.
3. A second user created database recording all the features of a found
4. Other fields within the database are used for puposes other than
identification ie, Rarity, Edible/Poisionous
Seasons etc. The programme will record the number of time a species occurs over
time indicating local decline/growth.
I could go on but I wish to be brief, an article entitled Fungi Identification &
Recording System (FIRS) will be printed
in the quarterly British Mycological Society magazine, next issue in fact.
I wish to gauge the interest in this programme which is near completion. The
programme is fininshed and is populated with
2,700 species I have about 300 to go and then some tidying up.
I originally never designed it for sale but for my own uses, however it has
proved very succesful.
I can sell the programme to others who have Microsoft Access as is, if you do
not I can sell a runtime version
of Microsoft Access with the Fungi programme. This is providing I invest in a
developers toolkit. 
If you are interested and wish to know more mail me at lwatson at clara.net it has
taken two years and
thousands of hours of work to create this programme so if you expect it to be
free don't get in touch. It is likely
to be sold to genuine amateur mycologists for 60-70 pounds dependant on the

Thank you for your time in reading this article.

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