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Wed Jul 9 02:35:11 EST 1997

Marc Saric wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a little problem: Recently I stumbled over the nice program
> Molscript, written by a man named Dr. Per Kraulis from Sweden.
> On several pages dealing with this program, it has been said, that one
> must obtain a permission from Dr. Kraulis to download and use Molscript,
> and that it is free of charge for academic usage.
> I wrote two letters to two different mail-adresses of Mr. Kraulis, but
> nothing happened.
> Does anyone know the actual adress of Dr. Kraulis or anyone who is in
> charge of the program, or does anyone know how to obtain the program
> (what to send to which adress or whatever).
> Thanks in advance!
> --
> Bye,
> Marc Saric
> Visit http://www.rat.de/marc_saric/

Per Kraulis now works in Luis Parodi's bioinformatics group at Pharmacia
& Upjohn in Stockholm.  Luis' number is +46 8 695 7759.

Good luck.

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