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Tue Jul 8 12:07:51 EST 1997

In article <5pqvae$9hd$1 at dismay.ucs.indiana.edu>, you write:
>I am working on a new version of readseq in conjuntion with a
>new SeqPup.  It will likely come in C++ and Java source, but not 
>C source.

Ugh, double ugh, no, triple ugh.  PLEASE check the C++ version on multiple 
compilers before releasing it. I've had miserable luck porting C++ code to
run outside of the original compiler (/platform) environments.  In fact,
the situation is so bad that I currently consider C++ to be a nonportable
language.  Take the average g++ program and try to build it with DEC C++
(Unix or OpenVMS), you'll succeed maybe 10% of the time.  Even C++ packages
that are carefully maintained to be cross platform, such as Amulet, won't
work from release to release on some compilers (ie, the new Metrowerks for
Mac/Windows will no longer build it.) 

Java is by design portable, but on the flip side, is slower than molasses
for anything big. So the Java version will probably be ok for a single
sequence conversion, but I'd hate to have to funnel a few thousand conversions
through a Java readseq. 


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