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John S Walker jsw9c at virginia.edu
Wed Jul 2 09:24:07 EST 1997

Terry Trier wrote:
> I'm looking for imaging software the runs on a PC (Win 95) that is capable
> of measuring the area of several objects at one time, and then summing up
> the areas so that you get a total area in a single row in a data file.
> For instance, if I scan 4 tree leaves at once, I want to be able to scan
> each leaf, measure the area, and then get a total area.
> Any suggestions?  I have tried several 'high-powered' software packages that
> seem to be incapable of doing this, yet it is a default and simple operation
> for an older, dos-based software that we have.
> Terry M. Trier
> Entomology Dept.
> Michigan State University
> trier at pilot.msu.edu
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> mail readers.


You might try tnimage a shareware (dos based) image analysis package
that is very good and has a scripting language that will let you do what
you want.  Another package that is Win95 based is imagetool again with a
scripting language that will do what you want.  Imagetool is freeware (I
believe). There is also a PC version of NIH Image (Scion image) that can
do it. 

I am assuming however that you are using background substraction or edge
detection to define your closed areas and then summing those areas to
get your final result.  You might also consider that if you have a tool
that does what you want, why change it.  

Numerous image processing packages that can do what you want and much
more are also available under Linux and and both they and Linux are free

TN-Image is at http://las1.ninds.nih.gov/

Imagetool is at http://ddsx.uthscsa.edu/dig/itdesc.html

Scion Image is at http://www.scioncorp.com/

John Walker

Dept of Physiology
University of Virginia

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