Time Expired Software!

C. J. Fields cfields at gab.unt.edu
Tue Jan 28 03:06:05 EST 1997

Finally, somebody who actually (somewhat) agrees with me!!!!  

There are certainly packages out there that are less and offer the same.
I got that email from Mr. GeneJockeyII awhile back, and it was going for
$1000 (a lot less than the others; hmm..., how'd that happen?), and I
think it's only for the Mac.  I need to get a demo of it, though. 
Anybody know of one, or any other packages that are even less?  

Thanks, Tim; nice to here from ya again (that's a Texas thang, kind of
like a singular "ya'll").
C. J. Fields
Graduate Student, Dept. of Biological Sciences
The University of North Texas
Denton, TX 

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