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C. J. Fields cfields at gab.unt.edu
Tue Jan 28 02:56:37 EST 1997

Glad you bit...er, responded.

For a response, read the thread further back.  You haven't read down to
my explanation on what you said (and Tim Cutts' response, as well); this
thread's a little bit longer than you think.

As for my reponse to Mr. Wanting-EndNotes-For-Academic-Prices (response
to some guy wanting somebody in the academic field to buy him EndNotes
for a lesser price); the guy got what he deserved.  He obviously was NOT
an academic, although I can sympathize (just a little; even at academic
prices, it ain't cheap).  I don't think that I was the only one to get
onto him, although I was saddened to see another academic bite at the
offer.  You see, although we *do* pay less for these packages, at least
we get our worth out of them.  Even if I had to pay full price, I think
I would get a lot more satifaction for my dollar than if I were to go
out and buy GeneWorks (it may be good, but it's not that good).  And
some genius realized that it's good advertising as well as good sales
sense to lower the prices for academics; if they are satisfied, they'll
recommend it to their friends, loved ones, dog, the general public, etc.
Wish that genius worked at Intelligenetics or Hitachi, or any company
dealing in lab equipment, for that matter!  

That nice sales break may stop if, let's say, many people started doing
what Mr. I-Need-EndNotes is doing and academics buy it for them.  I did
pay a little bit of money to go to school (actually, am still paying),
and I think it's very nice of some companies, even Microsoft, to cut
their prices for students like me who can't afford a decent software
package like Office or EndNotes  or Windows.  Wouldn't it be a nice
world if we could all afford this stuff?  Well, now you see my point on
the lab software. Not even Microsoft charges that much regularly, unless
you need NT Server (and I think that is still lower than PC-GENE).

BTW, I changed my mind; I'm getting Reference Manager instead since it
was offered for the same price).

Nice conversation.  I may have to bow out of all this soon (I can see
the tears welling; just kidding).  Sorry.  I've got to do some research
C. J. Fields
Graduate Student, Dept. of Biological Sciences
The University of North Texas
Denton, TX 

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I need to change my quotes; they're getting old.

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