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C. J. Fields cfields at gab.unt.edu
Mon Jan 27 00:15:32 EST 1997

Susan Jane Hogarth wrote:

> > Justify the price for PC-GENE, which, to be quite frank, is a piece of
> > crap (in my humble opinion).
> Easy - people _buy_ it!
> sheesh, when do we get to the _hard_ questions? ;-)

Sorry, that doesn't justify the price; that just means some people are
suckered into buying it.   I probably won't be convinced unless one of
those commercial sales reps gives me an itemized list.  Anyway, nice try
but no dice.

And to keep from making two posts (and cluttering up the newsgroup with
idle chatter); Tim Cutts and I already discussed the high prices for
equipment.  Thought you read that already.  We could start a NEW thread
about the price of equipment, but I think it it **MUCH** easier to lower
prices on software than lab equipment (and at least some companies see
fit to sell software at academic prices, which is starting to see its
way to even the cheaper molbio software).  Besides, I think we're
starting to beat a dead bush here (I think that's a local Texas saying).
I have as of yet to get a real response on why these programs are so
high priced?  Anybody else got a response? ;->
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