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 >  I have as of yet to get a real response on why these programs are so
 >  high priced?  Anybody else got a response? ;->

Hell, I'll bite on this.

Lets assume you sell a program of general utility (Word Processor,
spreadsheet etc - you know who I'm talking about). Widespread use. Lets
assume sales of about a million units. Lets assume a profit margin on each
sale of $2. That's... now let me see... $2 million dollars.

Now lets do the same sums with a product of a more restricted market (say,
for example, some molecular biology software). How many copies of DNASTAR
do you think are sold each year? These companies are not charities you

And for the record, I happen to agree that most of the commercial offerings
are pretty awful but its all to do with supply and demand. How much do you
need that software? Who else can you get it from?

Anyhow CJ, it was good to see you pontificating at that guy who wanted the
copy of Endnote the other day. Glad to see you can see both sides of the
argument ;o}

Andy Law
( Andy.Law at bbsrc.ac.uk )
( Big Nose in Edinburgh )

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