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>On Fri, 17 Jan 1997, Susan Jane Hogarth wrote:
>> > Susan Jane Hogarth wrote:
>> > > Remember, we're not talking about _bread_ here, folks. We're talking
>> > > about a *very* luxury item.
>> > 
>> > Absolutely !  Only the rich should be doing science anyway, the rest of
>> > you go do some real work.
>> <sigh> OK, if we're gonna ask for software to be supplied cheaply, let's
>> ask those artists to start coming down on *their* prices, too. ;-)
>mine is free (www.biochem.ucl.ac.uk), others in that lab at least make
>it free for academic use.  Remember that a great deal (most ?) 
>of bioscience software is developed with grant funding.
It is certainly NOT free, I and all of us pay for it through our Taxes.
If you were to charge then we be paying for your software twice!

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