contact map generation

Steve A. Chervitz sac at fafner.Stanford.EDU
Fri Jan 24 20:23:24 EST 1997

Feel free to download the PDB analysis program (which can do the number 
crunching for contact maps):


You can also view contact maps using a Java applet being developed by 
Dirk Walther and myself:


(Use the "Dist Matrix" option under the viewer's "Tools" menu).

Steve Chervitz
sac at genome.stanford.edu

Gregers Rom Andersen wrote:

> On bionet.xtallography you write:
> I've written a program that will do this sort of analysis, as well as
> some other analysis of PDB structures. It runs on Macs only (but could
> be ported to other platforms if there is interest). Be warned that it
> does not produce fancy graphical output. I use it to generate output
> files which can be analyzed by other programs. For example, it can
> export the contact data as a 2D array which can be imported into a
> spreadsheet program. 
> I would very much like to get the Mac version !!!
> Gregers
> gregers at kemi.aau.dk

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