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In article <32DFE63C.7327 at unity.ncsu.edu>, Susan Jane Hogarth
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>Chris Fields wrote:
>>... My problem stems from a lack of interest by our
>> university in our research (they think such programs are, as Susan
>> Hogarth so erroneously put it, 'luxury items').
>Misunderstanding here. I meant that biology software was a luxury in the
>"real" world - obviously, in the *academic* world, it is a neccesity.

But it still nevertheless has to be paid for since someone has actually
given up time to do which he/she could otherwise have been earning money
to buy food etc.

>protection like bread or water or energy (if *they* even do). I see no
>one complaining about the high cost of modern art...
Good one.
>> I wish that other software developers would feel the same way.  I never
>> meant to imply that I want this for *free*.  I just think that charging
>> the price of a used car for a software package is ludicrous

They produce it so they can charge what ever they like.

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