DNA software for the Mac

Jim Litts littsj at zgi.com
Wed Jan 22 20:44:19 EST 1997

I have used most of the packages around and have found the general package
by DNAstar "Lasergene", 608-258-7420 to be the best, especially if it can
be networked to defray the cost.  MacVector is still available, call
800-225-5352, and is a good package with clumsy networking, but otherwise
pretty good.  Gene Construction Kit from Textco, www.textco.com, is by far
the best for manipulating constructs and drawing plasmids and construction
slides.  And Oligo by National Biosciences Inc., www.natbio.com, is my
favorite for dealing with oligos for probes and primers.  

Have I missed any others that you prefer?  If so please let me know, I'm
preparing to buy some software since I've recently moved.

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