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Polaroid And Media Cybernetics Have team up and are offering a nice Gel
Kit.. Check it out..! I Think Fisher and VWR have it in stock at 2900
The affordable Gel Analysis Solution
Polaroid and Media Cybernetics – the leaders in gel imaging and analysis
– have created the first affordable quantitative image analysis system
for gel electrophoresis. The Polaroid Gel Analysis Kit provides
everything you need to record, digitize, and ana-lyze your
electrophoretic gels. Now, any laboratory or work group can save time
and improve accuracy by automating their gel analysis rou-tines. The
fully integrated system improves laboratory procedures by extracting
consistently accurate data from gels.Polaroid Gel Analysis Kit
The Polaroid
Gel Analysis Kit
Cost-effective for any laboratory While many biologists understand the
advantages of quantitative gel analysis, the costs of an acceptable gel
analysis system have been too high for all but the largest institutions.
Now, the Polaroid Gel Analysis Kit brings the advantages of quantitative
gel analysis to any laboratory, even small labs and workgroups.
A complete solution The Polaroid Gel Analysis Kit includes everything
you need to capture, digitize, and analyze your elec-trophoretic gels.
The Polaroid DS-34 camera, PhotoPad digital scanner, and Gel-Pro
Analyzer soft-ware combine to create the first affordable, accu-rate,
and fully integrated solution for quantifying gels.
Capture images easily The Polaroid DS-34 camera is optimized for gel
imaging. Simply place the hood over the gel and press the shutter
release. The light-tight hood allows you to expose in room light without
using a darkroom. And, the instant Polaroid prints give you a finished
picture in less than a minute, so you can be immediately assured that
you have the image you need before the gel fades or decays.
Digitize your images The Polaroid PhotoPad allows you to digitize new
and existing gel photographs with push-button ease. Simply press the
Capture button, and the photo-graph will be drawn into the scanner to
produce a digital file with 256 gray levels and up to 400 dpi
res-olution. And, PhotoPad can also produce 24-bit color files, if you
need to scan color photographs for other applications.
Powerful image analysis Gel-Pro Analyzer performs all standard
laboratory analysis routines quickly and accurately. The lead-ing- edge
image processing software automatically identifies lanes, determines
band locations, mea-sures optical density or emitted fluorescence, and
calculates relative mass and molecular weights.
Easy to use Gel-Pro Analyzer is designed for molecular biologists and
dedicated to gel analysis. Gel-Pro follows gen-erally accepted
laboratory techniques, making it easy to learn and use every day. The
program saves time by eliminating the need to "eyeball" optical
den-sities and determine band location with rulers. In addition, the
system improves accuracy by eliminat-ing person-to-person variabilities
and producing the same reliable result no matter who measures the
gel.The Polaroid Gel Analysis Kit is designed to accurately measure
results from all commonly used gel electrophoresis techniques,
n Northern analysis (RNA characterization)
n Southern analysis
n (DNA characterization)
n Western analysis (protein characterization)
n Quantitative PCR
n Differential display PCR
n RFLP technologies
System Requirements
IBM PC or compatible computer (486DX 33 Mhz or better)
Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later
Macintosh PowerPC
8 MB of RAM (16 MB recommended)
10 MB of available hard disk space
Windows-compatible mouse
SVGA (or better) display Proven technologies from industry leaders The
Polaroid Gel Analysis Kit employs proven tech-niques that have been
developed by industry lead-ers, so you don't have to take a chance with
untest-ed methods. The kit combines Polaroid instant photography – the
leading image recording medium for gel electrophoresis – with Gel-Pro
Analyzer from Media Cybernetics – the makers of Image Pro, the image
processing software with the largest installed base.
Accurate results The high-resolution PhotoPad scan pro-vides extremely
accurate data that is far less noisy than the files created by video
cameras. And, Gel-Pro image analysis soft-ware automatically corrects
for electrophoretic defects such as uneven backgrounds, uneven load-ing,
slants, and smiles to produce accurate, repeat-able results, whenever
you measure the gel.
Works anywhere There is no need to devote darkrooms or extensive lab
space to the recording and analysis of gels with the Polaroid Gel
Analysis Kit. The Polaroid DS-34 camera allows you to capture images on
a standard lab bench without the need for a darkroom. And, PhotoPad is
smaller than a mousepad, so it can be set up next to an IBM-compatible
or Macintosh PowerPC computer on almost any desktop.
Image database Gel-Pro provides an integrated image database that
includes both the photographic image, quantitative analysis data, and
laboratory notes. The SQL-com-patible database makes it easy to locate
both images and experimental information whenever you need them. And,
unlike digital images which can be easily manipulated, the original
Polaroid photograph serves as important proof for FDA applications, GMP
documentation, patent applications, and other record keeping situations
requiring authentic data.
Publish and present results The Polaroid Gel Analysis Kit can export
information to other Windows programs, including leading word
processing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs such as Microsoft
Word, WordPerfect, Excel, and PowerPoint. So, you can easily illustrate
your reports and presentations with gel images, graphs, and data.
Technical support The system’s intuitive user interface and on-screen
help make it easy to begin automating your lab pro-cedures almost
immediately. In addition, Polaroid and Media Cybernetics provide
technical support lines, so you can have your imaging and analysis
questions answered by experts in the field.
Put gel analysis to work for you It's easy to achieve a new level of
consistency and accuracy with the Polaroid Gel Analysis Kit. Simply call
800-354-5000 to order your own Polaroid Gel Analysis Kit, or for

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