Secondary Structure Prediction Programs: What do you use?

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>Greetings Netters, 
>I'm interested to know what sort of Secondary Structure Prediction
>programs and web sites you are all using out there. 
>ps> Some sites I am aware of:
>nnPredict: Predict Protein Secondary Structure at UCSF 
>PredictProtein: Predict Protein Secondary Structure at EMBL-Heidelberg
>PSSP: Protein Secondary Structure Prediction at Baylor College of

	Have a look at :

presenatation at : http://www.ibcp.fr/predict.html

	It performs several predictions. Using SOPMA and PHD gives an
expected accuracy of 82%. For details :

Geourjon & Deleage (1994) Prot. Engng. 7, 157-164
       "           (1995) CABIOS, 11, 681-684

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