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Dr Jeremy Martinson jmartins at helix.hgen.pitt.edu
Wed Jan 22 10:58:09 EST 1997

Andy Phillips wrote:
> Lars Komorowski wrote:
> >
> > I am looking for Endnote 2.0 for Windows. The student version is on sale in
> > the U.S. for 99$. Who is willing to buy and send it ?
> > I will send a cheque or anything else to give you the money.
> > Lars
> Personal subscribers to Nature can buy Endnote plus Endlinks for £99
> (sterling), I think (I bought mine before finding out about the offer).
> Andy

That $99 Nature subscriber discount offer isn't running anymore. I just
emailed Niles as I wanted to buy a copy for myself now I'm in a new lab
here in the US. They told me that the offer only ran in November 1996
and is no longer available. And boy am I pissed off about it: if I'd
realised I'd have bought it before I left my old job in the UK - even
though they were (if memory serves) doing the usual
swap-the-dollar-for-the-pound-sign bit and charging UKP99, which works
out over $150.

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