Time Expired Software!

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at unity.ncsu.edu
Fri Jan 17 15:57:51 EST 1997

Dr. Rob Miller wrote:
> Susan Jane Hogarth wrote:

> > Remember, we're not talking about _bread_ here, folks. We're talking
> > about a *very* luxury item.
> Absolutely !  Only the rich should be doing science anyway, the rest of
> you go do some real work.

<sigh> OK, if we're gonna ask for software to be supplied cheaply, let's
ask those artists to start coming down on *their* prices, too. ;-)

Does anybody remember what this thread was originally *about*? Some guy
wants to _defeat_ the protection on copyrighted software. It may be well
for aus to remember that; I suppose that we can all agree that software
piracy is  _wrong_, no matter how bad we think "price-gouging" by
software companies is.

> > Umm, what does "buy their own software" mean, exactly? Buy it
> > *personally*? Or with grant money?
> Yes, buy it *personally*.

Lucky you. Maybe you could "share" your copy with everyone else...

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