Time Expired Software!

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at unity.ncsu.edu
Mon Jan 13 21:10:35 EST 1997

Chris Fields wrote:

> ...  GeneWorks,
> itself a beautiful program, is still overpriced (~$2500) 

I doubt you'd think that if you'd done the programing.

> I understand also that these commercial programmers pay licensing fees
> for their integrated packages, and these, along with the "narrow" field
> of consumers, drives the price up.  But this is what I think: the
> "narrow field" of consumers arises from the price of the programs. 

Yah, right. Suddenly every graduate student is gonna run out and buy
GeneWorks. *Not*. Christ, most grad students are too cheap (or poor,
whatever) to buy their own versions of *Excel*, and that's hardly a
high-dollar piece of software. Maybe MS should start *giving* it away?

> ... Our lab currently operates on a five-year old version of
> DNASIS and gets along okay (the results are somewhat
> publication-worthy)

If the publication-worthiness of your science depends on your software,
you need to concentrate on the *science* more...

> and I have scavenged up some software off the
> i-net, both shareware and freeware, which help as well.
for which I don't doubt you've sent the authors their money? ;-)     
> I just feel that the packages offer a lot for an amount above the
> budgets of most public institutions (unlike Cambridge, which, correct me
> if I'm wrong, is privately funded).

Well, correct *me* if I'm wrong, but since when does your *need* and
your *desire* for something obligate another person to *give* it to you? 

Remember, we're not talking about _bread_ here, folks. We're talking
about a *very* luxury item.

>  Everything we do has to be approved
> by just about everybody but the governor, which is one reason why so
> many professors here have decided to buy their own software instead of
> being told that the "state can't afford it."

Umm, what does "buy their own software" mean, exactly? Buy it
*personally*? Or with grant money? 
> To wrap this up; I recently got an email from a gentleman who sells
> GenejockeyII, which runs for about $1000.  I plan on downlading the demo
> version and comparing it to the other programs at school here; if it
> fares well, I will post it here.  Notice that the price is much lower
> than other packages (and I have heard good things about this one). 

Ah-ha! Competition rears its lovely head! Things will get better soon -
if they don't, *I'll* start writing software and undersell 'em all!
(probably *exactly* what this GeneJockey guy said :)


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