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Dr. Rob Miller rmiller at house.med.und.ac.za
Wed Jan 15 03:34:14 EST 1997

Susan Jane Hogarth wrote:
> > Chris Fields wrote:
> > I just feel that the packages offer a lot for an amount above the
> > budgets of most public institutions (unlike Cambridge, which, correct me
> > if I'm wrong, is privately funded).
> Well, correct *me* if I'm wrong, but since when does your *need* and
> your *desire* for something obligate another person to *give* it to you?
> Remember, we're not talking about _bread_ here, folks. We're talking
> about a *very* luxury item.

Absolutely !  Only the rich should be doing science anyway, the rest of 
you go do some real work.

> >  Everything we do has to be approved
> > by just about everybody but the governor, which is one reason why so
> > many professors here have decided to buy their own software instead of
> > being told that the "state can't afford it."
> Umm, what does "buy their own software" mean, exactly? Buy it
> *personally*? Or with grant money?

Yes, buy it *personally*.

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