Looking for computer program for MPN calculation

Jan Hoolwerf hoolwerf at solair1.inter.nl.net
Mon Jan 13 01:47:40 EST 1997


Pierre Juteau <juteau at biotech.lan.nrc.ca> wrote:

 PJ> I am looking for a computer program (freeware or
 PJ> shareware) to make calculations for most probable
 PJ> number (MPN) assay.

I made one. Long ago. Simple but it does the job and..

 PJ> I would prefer this method instead of using tables.

.. it's much friendlier than tables. Almost any combination is possible.

 PJ> I found the code for a Basic program in Methods for General and
 PJ> Molecular Bacteriology (ASM, 1994), but it doesn't compute the error
 PJ> statistics. Is anybody know something better?

I will send you my program (not the Pascal sources) by e-mail. No documentation
and the questions are in Dutch <g> but if you like the program i can easily
change that.

with regards, Jan Hoolwerf

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