NetSoft Announces Shareware

Albert Graham support at netsoft.ie
Fri Jan 10 16:01:37 EST 1997

------------- NEW SHAREWARE ANNOUNCEMENT ---------------------

NetSoft LAN The complete peer-to-peer Network Operating System
for DOS and Windows PC's and Laptops.

Brief Description:

NetSoft LAN allows you to share any Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, CDROM
Drive or even RAM Disk (compatible with any Disk Cache and any
Compressed or Logical Drives.

Any Dot Matrix or Laser Printer (Serial or Parallel) with other
Network Users. Runs all Multi-user and single user software.

NetSoft LAN includes Serial Port and Parallel Port Drivers
that allow you to set-up a true network using a simple Null Modem
cable or Laplink compatible parallel cable.

In addition to the Serial and Parallel Zero-Slot networking you can
add Ethernet Cards, Arcnet Cards and Modems or any combination. This
allows you to create networks using old and new hardware and any
existing cabling. the hardware is completely transparent to any

NetSoft LAN is a true peer-to-peer Network Operating System.

Company Name: NetSoft Computer Networks.,
              20 Sea Road,

Phone       : (Ireland) +353 91-529607

Web Site    : http://www.netsoft.ie/
            : We also have a number of mirror sites.

Contact Name: Albert Graham
Email       : agraham at netsoft.ie

Software    : NetSoft LAN - Complete Local Area Network Operating
              System for DOS and Windows PC's and Laptops.

Version     : Version 1.40a

Platforms   : DOS 3.1 or higher
            : Windows 3.0, Windows 3.x. Windows for Workgroups 3.x
              (Win95 will be available shortly)

            : Requires min. 18k Memory, Runs on any PC using 8086
            : 80286, 80386, 80486, Pentiums and compatibles.

File Name   : NSLAN140.ZIP or NSLAN140.EXE

Program Size: 292K zipped (about 500k unzipped)

Supports    : Up to 255 Users

Price       : $199.00 for Site License (Upto 255 Users).

Status      : Shareware version available, requires access codes
            : to unlock the 2 User Limitations and Nag messages

Distribution: Primary sites:

              Secondary sites:
              Keith Petersen's Simtel.Net and mirror sites
              Coast to Coast Software Repository and mirror sites.
              Garbo archives and mirror sites.

              The Netsoft LAN User's Guide is about 340 Pages. It's of
              the highest quality and is available on-line and in
              download-able formats (HP LaserJet and PostScript).

              Our "On-line Search Engine" allows you to search the
              entire User's Guide and On-line documentation from
              the WWW.

              For the most part, NetSoft LAN is self-documenting.

History     : Development of NetSoft LAN was started in 1989, as a
              true MS-NET and IBM PC LAN compatible network operating
              system for DOS, Windows and Desqview.

              The development has continued full-time for the past
              years and continues to do so.

              NetSoft LAN is 100% Winnet Compatible, which means
              Based PC's can take directly to DOS based PC's etc.

              NetSoft LAN is Desqview and QEMM aware and compatible.

              The software has been tested extensively on all hardware
              from the original IBM PC with 256k RAM to the latest
              Pentium based machines.

              It's compatible with all known Ethernet Cards and Arcnet

              The Installation includes support directly for more than
              125 Ethernet Cards and over 450 Modems
              (for Wide Area Networking)

              May also be installed as a secondary network OS, if you
              also require another network system.

              One of our primary goals was to make the installation as
              easy and simple as possible.

              1. There are NO command line parameters.
              2. There are NO CONFIG.SYS parameters or drivers.
              3. There are NO AUTOEXEC.BAT parameters.

              All network configuration parameters are stored in a
              single ASCII test file.

              NetSoft LAN includes a complete "Network Set-up Program"
              that allows complete configuration without having to
              and files manually on your system.

              All the NetSoft LAN program files are self-aware and
              cannot be infected by any virus.

Features    : Includes everything and more than you'd expect from a
              product of this type. There are too many features to
              mention here.

Tech Support: Technical Support is available free of charge via Phone,

              and email (support at netsoft.ie).

--------------------- END of ANNOUNCEMENT -----------------------

Albert Graham (support at netsoft.ie)

Download NetSoft LAN Version 1.40a Network Operating System
for DOS and Windows PC's and Laptops. New Shareware Version.
NetSoft LAN is a Complete Peer-to-Peer Local Area Network 
Includes easy netsetup program, server software, client 
software printer spooler,DOS Station Manager Remote Control,
MS-NET and IBM PC LAN compatible. Includes Windows Network
Drivers. for Windows 3.x and WFW 3.x Supports. Ethernet Cards,
Arcnet Cards, Serial Ports, Parallel Portsand Modems. 

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