Any program to create a spacefilling 3d-model from PDB-files?

Benjamin Z. Goldsteen ben at REX.RE.uokhsc.edu
Thu Jan 9 12:21:03 EST 1997

s.m.williams.bcm at bham.ac.uk (Stephen Williams) writes:

>On Thu, 02 Jan 1997 17:11:46 GMT, eirikth at eunet.no (Eirik) wrote:

>>Want to create / convert a PDB (or similar) file to formats like .3ds
>>Just want a simple represantation, not an acurate.

>There is an add on to PovRay to enable it to read PDB files. I only
>had a quick look a couple of months back but never got around to using
>it properly. E-mail me if you're interested and I'll try to find out
>where I downloaded it from.

I would be interested in this, too. Also, the program MOLMOL generates
POVRAY input files.  It might be a bit more than the original reader was
looking for but the results are very nice.  I can generate full resolution
images for printers and slide makers.  I have yet to find a method that
generates better pictures.


Benjamin Z. Goldsteen

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