Current Contents V4

Charles Henri Malbert malbert at st-gilles.rennes.inra.fr
Tue Jan 7 05:59:52 EST 1997

Dear all,

Have anyone tried to use Current contents on disk for Mac (version 4, last one).

They claimed to have a new version with this crap. However, thay have made
the same as microsoft i.e. a bad adaptation of a windows software (just
try to open it under Resedit to understand what I mean). The result is as
expected tremendously SLOW (even on a powerMAC)

I feel that it is important that the MAC user negate this kind of software
programming If we want to support our platform.

Therefore, I am asking anybody that is using this software on a mac to
react directly to ISI by send as many Email as possible asking them to
change their software.

It is also important since the new version has so many bugs that it is
very difficult to use it.

Dr C.H Malbert
Unite de controle de l'ingestion et des flux digestifs
Station de Recherches Porcines, 35590 Saint gilles, France
Tel: (33) 99 28 50 71
Fax: (33) 99 28 50 80.

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