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> On the other hand, I need advice concerning programs
> for DNA and protein analysis. 
> I am going to buy such program however I am not 
> fully determined which program I should purchase.
> So far, I have seen DNAsis and DNAstar, however
> I am not sufficiently confident that these programs
> are reliable, and can provide me with the best options.
> So, could you advice me, which programs is actually
> the best on the market.

Personally, I used to use MacVector 4.0, but that was back in 1993 when I
was finishing my Ph.D. Since I've taken time off from my clinical
responsibilities to get back into the lab, I've been wondering if MacVector
is still being supported. Apparently Kodak doesn't own it any more.

Does anyone out there know? Is MacVector still available? Is it still good?
How do I get a hold of a representative who could let me use a demo for a
while, to see if I can convince my PI to buy a copy for the lab. I'm
getting sick of suffering with an ancient version of DNA Strider. If
MacVector isn't being supported anymore, what are the best DNA/protein
analysis programs for the Mac?

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