Any Programm to create 3d animation by microscopic pic's

Pat Thoyts thoyts at bsa.bristol.ac.uk
Sat Jan 4 19:34:09 EST 1997

gbenro at amalia-atm.rz.uni-frankfurt.de wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there any Programm to create animations in 3d by multiple microscopic
> frames in formates (like tif, gif, jpg, bmp, etc. but normaly tif)
> You may imagine that this slides of pic's will be stacked above each
> other pic in certain order....
> If you know any programm which fit to this problem (to solve), feel free
> to conect me ...

There is an extremely effective and simple program to create animated gif's
as used on web pages if this is what you are after. It takes a list of gif files
and merges them together to produce the animation. You can view the animation with
any graphical web browser or xanim among others.
I've been able to compile this under VAX/VMS (with minor modifications to put the 
output to a file and not to stdio), linux, irix, DOS and OS/2 so it's very 
Its called: GIFMerge Rev 1.33 (C) 1991,1992 by Mark Podlipec
            Improvements by Rene K. Mueller 1996
and the help suggests you look at:

Pat Thoyts                                      thoyts at bsa.bristol.ac.uk

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