perl subroutines for perl programs developers.

Jong jhp20 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Wed Jan 1 21:47:17 EST 1997


I have some subroutines which can be reused in
your codes directly(if you can understand how
to use them) or by modifications. 
At least you can see some simple ways to do things.

It is meant to be used people who develop
perl codes for sequence handling. Some can be also
useful for general perl coding.

I meant to convert them to Bioperl project standardization
which is going to use object oriented features, but
I realized not many people may understand how
to use object modules so got lazy in doing so. Also,
no release of Bioperl perl module has been made until now.

To use, you are encouraged to search with keywords. 
If you want to get some hash handling stuff, search for
'hash' etc in the lib file, there might be some useful 
subs for you.

It is in:


Look at Big library part where you find B.pl
It has automatic compilation of the documentation in
the headboxes of the library.


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