C/C++ molec.modelling graphics libs. ??

nsr2 NSR2 at le.ac.uk
Thu Feb 27 07:19:35 EST 1997

Could someone please point me in the right direction to where I can get 
shareware molecular modelling graphics libraries written in C or C++ to      
run on UNIX - Xwindows (SUN or SG)?? The libraries should allow me
to display the molecules as well as providing calls to the mouse for
manipulating the model.

I have come across sites possesing molecular modelling packages written 
in fortran that comes with source code. However I am having great 
difficulty finding any that are available in C or C++.

Would it be worthwile to develop molecular modelling software in         
FORTRAN, since the source code for such packages appears to be more      
readily available ??

This request for information is purely for academic purposes (as part    
of a PhD project) and would be grateful for any help/ pointers that      
anyone can give me.  Thanks very much


nsr2 at le.ac.uk

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