Utility for freeing more disk space? (Real Answer)

Hugh Hoskins hthoskins at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 23 18:02:24 EST 1997

Myopsis wrote:
> I heard something about a utility that can free up a lot of wasted
> disk space (frees space allocated to but not used files i think (but
> i'm not sure))... BUT I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT THE $#@% IT WAS!!  Anybody
> got an idea?  Please email me at myopsis at juno.com --- I've got about
> 500MB wasted by file allocations right now... if that program will
> free it up i would be grateful.....
>                 Thanks
There are two products..
 1. "Partition It"         www.quarterdeck.com
 2. "Partition Magic"      www.partition.com

Both will take your BIG harddrive (C:) and change it into two smaller
partitions (C: and D:) in doing so it allows the Cluster size to become
smaller and hence the wasted space.
But don't make the partition containing Windows too small, because it
seems to feel the need to grow like a cancer.
Good Luck,,,

((  BTW, whoever you are, why isn't your addr on the  inside like it
says?  ))

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