Utility for freeing more disk space? (NOT file-compression!!)

Frank Slootweg franks at neth.hp.com
Thu Feb 20 11:19:38 EST 1997

Michael-Dennis Biemans (michaeld at stack.nl) wrote:
> oops, now I see it :)   But why was it in comp.windows.x.apps then ?  Oh,
> of course, Windows lusers don't understand that there is something else
> with windows in the name. Uncle Bill has probably taken care of it that
> his followers never know about the outside world, where Real(tm) computers
> are being used, running Real(tm) operating systems.

  Yeah, like when MS tried to trademark the use of the word "Windows"
(i.e. *without* "MS-", or "95", "NT", etc.). AFAIK thet didn't quite
make it.

  By the way, why was this crossposted to only seven groups? What is
wrong with the other 9993?

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