Utility for freeing more disk space? (NOT file-compression!!)

Michael-Dennis Biemans michaeld at stack.nl
Wed Feb 19 18:27:05 EST 1997

Conrad Sabatier (conrads at neosoft.com) wrote:

: No, no, no!  Note the crossposts.  This is obviously a Windoze question.

: Here, try this:

: cd \
: deltree

: If that doesn't do it for you, you might try:

: format c:

oops, now I see it :)   But why was it in comp.windows.x.apps then ?  Oh,
of course, Windows lusers don't understand that there is something else
with windows in the name. Uncle Bill has probably taken care of it that
his followers never know about the outside world, where Real(tm) computers
are being used, running Real(tm) operating systems.


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